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3/21Johann Sebastian Bach & the Bible -"In devotional music, God is always present with His grace" 3/20Sir Isaac Newton & the Bible 3/19Battle of Lepanto, Spanish Armada, & Pilgrim Governor William Bradford 3/18The Apple & Johnny Appleseed 3/17Saint Patrick -- "found Ireland all heathen and left it all Christian" 3/16James Madison & his defense of rights of conscience 3/15Wording of First Amendment & Who Twisted It 3/14Albert Einstein 3/13Womens Suffrage Leaders: Susan B. Anthony, Lucretia Mott, Frances Willard, Emma Willard, Elizabeth Cady Stanton 3/12Girl Guides, Girl Scouts, Y.W.C.A., Camp Fire Girls & American Heritage Girls 3/11Slavery & those who fought to end it - Quaker Anthony Benezet to Senator Charles Sumner 3/10Admiral William Penn, Anglo-Dutch Wars & founding Quaker Colony of Pennsylvania 3/9Battle of the Ironclads: CSS Virginia & USS Monitor-"Naval Warfare had been Revolutionized" 3/8"Old Ironsides" USS Constitution - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., & his dissenting son 3/7Henry Knox-cannons from Fort Ticonderoga to Dorchester Heights "one of the most stupendous feats of logistics" 3/6Blockade of Boston Harbor, Virginia Day of Fasting, & the "shot heard round the world" 3/5Indian Massacres, British Quartering, & the Boston Massacre 3/4FAITH cited in Early Inaugural Addresses, with some Warning Against Socialism! 3/3IN GOD WE TRUST National Motto -Francis Scott Key, his anthem & his fight to free slaves 3/2How Ottoman Islamic invasion from the East spread the Renaissance to the West 3/1Articles of Confederation - United States First Government, & Role of Religion in Original State Constitutions 2/28Forefathers sacrificed for POSTERITY - the "UNBORN MILLIONS" 2/27Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - American Fireside Poet - "Man is unjust, but God is just; and finally justice triumphs" 2/26Victor Hugo - greatest of the Romanticist poets 2/25Cold War, Socialism, & the Foreign Policy of Eisenhower & John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State 2/24New Spain, Texas & "Remember the Alamo - Remember Goliad" 2/23Panama Canal - cost over 100 American lives for each of the 50 miles across the Isthmus 2/19George Washington Birthday - Presidents Day 2/21John Quincy Adams: His Fight Against Slavery & His Faith in the Bible 2/20William Prescott -Revolutionary War Hero & the Battle of Bunker Hill 2/22Haystack Prayer Meeting & World Missionary Movement, pioneered by Adoniram & Ann Judson to Burma 2/18English Civil War & a timeless classic piece of literature-Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan 2/17Professional Baseball Player comes out ... as a Christian evangelist! - preaches to 100 million in tent revivals and pioneer radio broadcasts - Billy Sunday 2/14True Islam? 2/16Jefferson & the Barbary Pirate Coast 2/15Slavery - a long shameful history 2/14Saint Valentines Day 2/13A Short History of Russia: From Vikings to Ivan the Terrible to Communism 2/12Darwin Day v. Lincoln Birthday: Born Exact Same Day - But Lives Had Opposite Effects 2/11Peter Cartwright, Abraham Lincoln, & Final Farewell at Springfield, Illinois 2/10Montesquieu: 3 Types of Governments & What Makes Them Work 2/9William Henry Harrison: shortest term, longest inaugural, gravest warning 2/8Sir Robert Baden-Powell original vision for the Boy Scouts, and how it changed 2/7Frederick Douglass, Abolitionist Leader & Advisor to President Abraham Lincoln 2/6Ronald Reagan - Faith & Politics - Warning of Socialism, Secularism, & "the tragic taking of unborn childrens lives" 2/5Freedom of Conscience, Rhode Island founder Roger Williams & Wall of Separation 2/4Nazi Body Parts Experiments, Jews Disarmed, Arab Legion, & Bonhoeffer courageous opposition 2/3Sinking of the U.S.A.T. Dorchester & Four Chaplains Day 2/2South of the Border - Mexican Political Revolutions 2/1Julia Ward Howe - Battle Hymn of the Republic & efforts to end the slave trade 1/31Jacob Duché Continental Congress Prayer, and a caution to "Stand Fast" 1/30A Democrat Presidential Candidate -- 80 Years Ago! -Franklin D. Roosevelt - Would his Party nominate him today? 1/29"Two Roads Diverge in the Woods ..."-Robert Frost, Four Time Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet 1/28Circumnavigating the Earth, from Magellan & Drake to the Space Shuttle 1/27Jewish Immigration - "Jews of the United States ... were free ... In a comparatively short time, prospered ... in a degree unexampled in Europe"-London Jewish Chronicle, 1862 1/26Douglas MacArthur "It is fatal to enter a war without the will to win it" 1/25Father of Chemistry Robert Boyle, & Father of Hydraulic Engineering Blaise Pascal 1/24James Madison & George Mason - Freedom of Conscience & Free Exercise of Religion 1/23History of Hospitals & Healthcare 1/22The Sanctity of Life - "The greatest destroyer of peace today is abortion" -Mother Teresa 1/21The Ten Commandments, and the importance of an educated & moral population 1/20Presidents Acknowledged God in Inaugurals 1/19"Constitution does not require complete separation of church and state" -Lynch v. Donnelly, 1984 1/18Daniel Webster "The Constitution has enemies - secret and professed" 1/17Battle of Cowpens - a tactical masterpiece & turning point of the Revolutionary War 1/16Jefferson & the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom- In-depth look at religious liberty & how it is being lost 1/15Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Baptist Pastor 1/14"Reverence for Life"- Albert Schweitzer, Medical Missionary to Africa 1/13Fighting the Sultan to Founding Georgia - Eugene of Savoy aide-de-camp James Oglethorpe, and Georgia Religious Heritage 1/12Edmund Burke on the French Revolution - "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" 1/11History of Yale College, and Its 8th President, Timothy Dwight, who exposed Voltaires anti-Christian agenda for France 1/10Bleeding Kansas, John Brown, Beechers Bibles & Preacher Henry Ward Beecher 1/9Kennedy on Castros Cuba, Nixon on Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics 1/8Fort Mims Massacre & Battle of New Orleans 1/713th President - Millard Fillmore 1/6"On the 12th Day of Christmas ..."-Epiphany, and How the Birth & Resurrection of Jesus changed the Calendar 1/5"Mr. Creator, will you tell me why the peanut was made?"-George Washington Carver & Successful Black Entrepreneurs 1/4"Smallpox is ten times more terrible!" - Deadly Diseases during the Revolution, & Dr. Benjamin Rush - "Father of American Medicine" 1/3Battle of Princeton - a military exploit of unparalleled brilliancy 1/2Betsy Ross & Courageous Women of the Revolution 1/1First Things First - Religious Freedom - How Baptists influenced Jeffersons views on Separation of Church and State 12/31Until We Meet Again, & James T. Fields The Atlantic Monthly - The Captains Daughter 12/30India - Oh, East is East, and West is West, And never the twain shall meet ... 12/29The American Crisis, December 1776, by Thomas Paine 12/28Armenia - Ancient to Modern Times 12/27Sir Frances Bacon - Johannes Kepler - the Scientific Revolution and Astronomy 12/26Battle of Trenton - Independence confirmed by God Almighty in the victory of General Washington at Trenton 12/25Christmas Day! - the magnetic needle of history stands vertical and points up - BC to AD 12/24Christmas Eve through the Years 12/23Christmas Truce of 1914 and Presidential Christmas Addresses 12/22Battle of the Bulge 12/21Amazing Grace-How Sweet the Sound -John Newton, William Wilberforce, & the fight to end slavery in the British Empire 12/20Origins Christmas Date, Tree, Poinsettia, White House Christmas, Lights & Carols 12/19Freezing Winter at Valley Forge, 1777-78 12/18Hark The Herald Angels Sing - Charles Wesley 12/17Famous Composers & Christmas Music 12/16Boston Tea Party and What Led Up To It 12/15Bill of Rights - restrictive clauses to stop Federal Government abuse of its powers 12/14The Death of Washington- First in war First in peace First in the hearts of his countrymen 12/13So Help Me God-What is the Purpose of an Oath? 12/12Religious Tolerance & Freedom of Conscience in Pennsylvania - William Penn to Ben Franklin 12/11Rasputin-The Holy Devil, Bolshevik Revolution, Socialist Russia and Solzhenitsyns warning to America 12/10Cuba & the struggle to be free from slavery 12/09Presidents on Jewish Persecution in Eastern Europe & the Support of Israel 12/08Indian Policies & the Struggle between Greed and the Gospel 12/07Pearl Harbor attacked - a date that will live in infamy 12/06Saint Nicholas Traditions 12/05Hugh Williamson and Pastors in Politics in Colonial America 12/04Pere Marquette, French Missionaries in North America, and the founding of Chicago 12/03Cortes and the Fall of the Mexican Aztec Empire 12/02Maccabean Revolt & Hanukkah 12/01Civil War - What led up to the Emancipation Proclamation and the 13th Amendment 11/30Innocence Abroad - Mark Twains visit to the Middle East under Ottoman rule 11/29C.S. Lewis - The safest road to Hell is the gradual one ... 11/28A President and a Poet - Franklin Pierce and Nathaniel Hawthorne 11/27Kaiser - Sultan - World War I - Chaim Weizmann and the Birth of Modern Day Israel 11/26Anti-Federalists-"Liberty depends on men being virtuous enough to make laws to punish themselves" 11/25Sojourner Truth, Harriett Tubman, Anna Murray-Douglass 11/24Connecting the Dots - Renaissance - Reformation & John Knox - Revolution 11/23John F. Kennedy shot! - What did he, and other leaders, warn Americans of? 11/22First NATIONAL Days of Thanksgiving 11/21Pilgrims Thanksgiving to God 11/20Senator Byrd - God in the U.S. Capitol 11/19Lincolns Gettysburg Address - Of the People - By the People - For the People 11/18Republic & Character 11/17Englands Virgin Queen Elizabeth I 11/16My Country tis of thee - Sweet Land of Liberty 11/15John Witherspoon, ordained minister and Signer of the Declaration of Independence - A Republic must either preserve its Virtue or lose its Liberty 11/14Booker T. Washington - A person should get into the habit of reading his Bible. 11/13How Landslide Lyndon stole Senate race in 1948? - And U.S. entered Vietnam War 11/12Pilgrims experiment with Communism - and reject it 11/11The Soldier is required to practice the greatest act of religious training - Sacrifice - General MacArthur - Veterans Day. 11/10Dr. Livingstone exposed Islamic slave trade in Africa 11/9U.S. Constitution versus Sharia 11/8Lewis & Clark Expedition 11/7Billy Graham - America has gone a long way down the wrong road 11/3Not to Vote is to Abdicate the Throne - Who is the King in America 11/5James Otis on government tracking - and Mercy Otis Warren - the Conscience of the American Revolution 11/4Charles Carroll of Carrollton - Longest Living Signer of Declaration 11/6YMCA-Young Mens Christian Association and Goodwill Industries 11/2Newburgh Conspiracy broken up - by George Washington 11/1Presidents and the Churches they attended 10/31Martin Luther, the Reformation and Protestantism 10/30John Adams on Tyranny, Liberty, and the need for Christian virtue 10/29Stock Market Crash - 1929 - The Great Depression 10/28Statue of Liberty - America-a last effort of Divine Providence in behalf of the human race -Ralph Waldo Emerson 10/27Theodore Roosevelt 10/26Ancient Israel and Right of the PEOPLE to Keep and Bear Arms 10/24United Nations - A Good or Bad Idea - Alger Hiss, Whittaker Chambers, Organization of Islamic Cooperation 10/22Sam Houston-TEXAS 10/21Duty - Admiral Horatio Nelson 10/19Kings Mountain to Yorktown and the End of the Revolutionary War 10/18The Notorious Star Chamber and the Pilgrims fleeing to Holland and New England 10/17Victory of the Battle of Saratoga-one of the most important battles in world history 10/16Pirates of the Caribbean - War of Jenkins Ear and The Ballad of the French Fleet 10/15Danger of Power Concentrated in Deep-State Federal Government 10/14William Penn - Pennsylvania - God will make it the seed of a nation 10/13England Transformation - What would Margaret Thatcher think of it 10/12Columbus Miscalculation - How Far Around is the Round Earth 10/11How Democracies and Republics Rise and Fall - Crash Course on Platos Republic 10/10Marco Polo, Islamic Jihad and the REAL reason Columbus sailed West 10/9Lewis Cass and Michigan 10/8Eddie Rickenbacker - Fighting the Flying Circus, and Seven Came Through 10/7Count Nikolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf and the Moravian Missionaries 10/6How Lees Lost Order No. 191 changed the Civil War 10/5Revivals, Universities, and the preaching of Jonathan Edwards 10/4Bibles in Military given by Generals and Presidents 10/3Same week Congress approved First Amendment it requested Day of Thanksgiving 10/2Historian Arnold Toynbee on Ottoman Empire and Armenian Massacre 10/1John Peter Muhlenberg - Pastor, Major-General, Congressman and Senator 9/30George Whitefield and the Great Awakening 9/29Squanto - a special instrument sent of God for their good beyond their expectation - Pilgrim Governor William Bradford 9/28Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist noted for discoveries in vaccinations, microbial fermentation, and pasteurization 9/27Sam Adams - Father of the American Revolution 9/26Daniel Boone - famed hunter, explorer and pioneer 9/25George Mason - Bill of Rights Purpose is to Limit Federal Government 9/24John Marshall, Supreme Court Chief Justice 9/23John Paul Jones - I have not yet begun to fight 9/2221-year-old hero - I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country - Nathan Hale 9/21Justice James Kent & President Calvin Coolidge - reverence for God 9/20Fisher Ames - A democracy is a volcano which conceals the fiery materials of its own destruction 9/19Tolkien-The Lord of the Rings, and Washington-Farewell Address 9/18Forgotten Founding Father role in ratifying Constitution-John Langdon 9/17Constitution Day - A Republic If You Can Keep It 9/16Pilgrims set sail-A Mini-Course in Self-Government 9/15President who was Chief Justice-William H. Taft 9/14John Harvard and Harvard University 9/13Star-Spangled Banner author - Francis Scott Key - fought slavery - And an unknown story of Randolph Land for freed slaves 9/12Thomas Cooley - American Bar Assoc., President 1893 9/11September 11-Political Islam and the Long War on the West 9/10What Kind of Justice would Madison pick? - Justice Joseph Story 9/9California Missions 9/8Jerusalem destroyed by Rome - then Rome devastated by Volcano, Fire, Plague 9/7Albania-Two Kinds of Heroes - Mother Teresa and Skanderbeg 9/6Assyria-Will the cradle of civilization ... become its grave" 9/5Kemal Ataturk-Father of Modern Turkey versus Adnan Menderes-Great Riot of Istanbul 9/4The Fall of Rome - What Can We Learn? 9/3Labor Day-Its Interesting Origin 9/2Courage & Faith in Pacific War - Pearl Harbor to Calvary-Mitsuo Fuchida 9/1First Prayer in Congress, September 1774 8/31John Bunyan and The Pilgrims Progress 8/30Benedict Arnold-spies & traitors leaked - betrayed America 8/29Indian migration, hunter-gatherers to agriculture, 500 years with 8 policies 8/28Booker T. Washington and MLK, Jr. - I have a dream... 8/27Battle of Brooklyn Heights and the Providential Fog that allowed Washington to Escape 8/26Women can Vote-history, manipulation, and eternal vigilance 8/25Faith of Famous Astronomers & a church organist who discovered a planet-Sir William Herschel 8/24The Inventions of Writing and Printing - Johannes Gutenberg and the Printing Press 8/23Lake Erie Battle-Capt. Oliver Hazard Perry 8/22"Inevitable victory of Christian religion over forces of evil"-FDR; Schwarzkopf, Boykin 8/21Was America ever great? Justice James Wilson-America has best form of government ever offered to the world 8/20Francis Asbury, circuit riding preacher 8/17U.S. Military Tradition of Faith 8/16Blackstone Commentaries on the Laws of England & Charles Finney Revivals 8/15How Napoleon impacted the World 8/14V-J Day & Survival of Civilization 8/13H.G. Wells 8/12America the Beautiful-God in all 50 State Constitutions 8/11It is legal to pray in school 8/10Herbert Hoover-31st President 8/9Nez Perce & Flathead Indians, Missionary Dr. Marcus Whitman & the Oregon Trail 8/8Political Scandals-the end DOES NOT justify the means 8/7Jefferson organized a church-The Second Great Awakening Revival 8/6Alfred Lord Tennyson 8/5Praying Indians and the tragic King Philips War 8/4An Appeal to Heaven-Birth of US Navy & Coast Guard 8/3Real Reason Columbus sailed West 8/2Pacific WWII, PT-109, and JFK 8/1Herman Melville classic novel Moby Dick 7/31The Doldrums-Columbus, Coleridge & Booker T. Washington Atlanta Speech 7/30Holy Experiment of William Penn-the seed of a nation 7/29Tocqueville in France, America, Algeria-Observations of Christianity & Islam 7/28Civil Rights & the Politics of Race 7/27Korean War, Cold War & Rise of Communism 7/26Ben Franklin & Pennsylvania Abolition Society 7/22Carl Sandburg, poet 7/21Scopes Monkey Trial 7/20Communion on Moon 7/19Dunkirk & Churchill 7/18French & Indian War 7/17Bartolome de Las Casas 7/16Manned Space Flight 7/15First Bible printed in US 7/13Bastille Day-French Reign of Terror 7/12George Washington Carver 7/11Alexander Hamilton-Aaron Burr 7/9Cholera 7/8Liberty Bell 7/7Hawaii 7/6Republican Party 7/5Adams-Jefferson died 7/4Independence Day 7/3Battle of Gettysburg 7/1Spanish-American War 6/27Helen Keller 6/25Warnings of Usurpation 6/24Mountain Men 6/23Lenape Indians 6/21Christian States ratified Constitution 6/20Maryland 6/19War of 1812 6/18Fathers Day 6/17Bunker Hill 6/16Wernher von Braun 6/15Magna Carta 6/14Flag Day 6/13Lafayette 6/12Socialism 6/11Joseph Warren-Suffolk Resolves 6/10US Naval Academy 6/9Pay Check Withholding 6/8Andrew Jackson 6/7Earthquake Port Royal 6/6D-Day 6/5Six Day War & Yom Kippur War 6/4Battle of Midway 6/3Dutch New Amsterdam 6/2Grover Cleveland 6/1Treaty of Tripoli 5/31Harvard Samuel Langdon & Harvard Professor Clay Christensen 5/30Noah Webster-History of Writing & Education 5/29JFK 5/28Memorial Day 5/27US Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall 5/26Mad Anthony Wayne, Bruce Wayne, John Wayne 5/25Virginia Governors 5/24Garrison, Thoreau & Emerson 5/23Kit Carson 5/22Robert Fulton & the Steamboat 5/21Clara Barton & American Red Cross 5/20Sinking of Invincible Spanish Armada 5/19Armed Forces Day 5/18John Paul II 5/17Charles Lindbergh 5/16John Jay-1st Chief Justice 5/15Coolidge on Deep State 5/14Modern State of Israel 5/13Mothers Day 5/12Columbus-Four Voyages 5/11Irving Berlin 5/10New France 5/9Virginia Company 5/8Harry S Truman 5/7McGuffey Readers 5/6Dutch Golden Age 5/5Dos de Mayo & Cinco de Mayo 5/4National Day of Prayer 5/3James McHenry 5/2J Edgar Hoover & FBI 5/1Roman Persecutions 4/30Louisiana Territory & Napoleon 4/29US Naval Heroes 4/28James Monroe-5th President 4/27US Grant-18th President 4/26Virginia History 4/25Senate & House Chaplains 4/24Library of Congress 4/23Cervantes in Spain & Shakespeare in England 4/22Trail of Tears 4/21Mark Twain 4/20David Brainerd -Missionary to Indians 4/19Patriots Day 4/18William Brewster 4/17Ben Franklin 4/16Missionaries to Hawaii 4/15Income Tax 4/14Noah Webster 4/13Jefferson 4/12Cotton & Slavery: Civil War 4/11Apollo 13 4/10Salvation Army 4/9Robert E Lee 4/8Omar Bradley 4/7DL Moody 4/6WWI 4/5John Adams & sons 4/4Booker T. & MLK, Jr. 4/3Man Without a Country 4/2Samuel Morse 4/1Resurrection Day 3/31Battle of Okinawa 3/30Lincoln Day of Fasting & Jackson shot 3/29John Tyler 3/28Justice David Brewer 3/27Tocquevile 3/26Harry Hosier/Richard Allen 3/25Black Missionaries 3/24Fighting Slavery 3/23Patrick Henry 3/22Jonathan Edwards & teaching children 2/29Leap Day 10/25Grover Cleveland-Armenia 10/23Foreign Policy 10/20Hoover & Middle East 8/19Bill Clinton 8/18Judge Learned Hand 7/25Ulysses Grant 7/24Tennessee 7/23Roger Sherman 7/14Gerald Ford 7/10The Bank War 7/2President Garfield 6/30Fort Caroline 6/29Henry Clay 6/28Corrupting Legislators 6/27Despotic Branch 6/26United Nations 6/22Who Votes 12/20Hanukkah

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