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11/21Pilgrims, Const. v Islam 11/20Prayer in Schools 11/19Gettysburg Address 11/18Republic and Character 11/17Queen Elizabeth I 11/16My Country tis of thee 11/15John Witherspoon 11/14Booker T. and the Bible 11/13Vietnam War 11/12Pilgrims v. Communism 11/11Veterans Day 11/10Dr. Livingstone 11/8Lewis and Clark 11/7Billy Graham 11/6YMCA Goodwill Ind 11/5Mercy Otis Warren 11/4Charles Carroll 11/3Who is the King 11/2Newburgh Conspiracy 11/1Presidents Churches 10/31Reformation 10/30John Adams 10/29Great Depression 10/28Statue of Liberty 10/27Theodore Roosevelt 10/26Right to Bear Arms 10/25Grover Cleveland-Armenia 10/24UN 10/23Foreign Policy 10/22Sam Houston 10/21Horatio Nelson 10/20Hoover on Middle East 10/19End of Revolution 10/18Star Chamber 10/17Saratoga 10/16War of Jenkins Ear 10/15Concentrated Power 10/14Penn Founding Pennsylvania 10/13Margaret Thatcher 10/12Columbus & the Round Earth 10/11Plato 10/10Marco Polo & Columbus 10/9Lewis Cass 10/8Eddie Rickenbacker 10/7Moravian Missionaries 10/6Lees Lost Order 191 10/5Great Awakening Colleges 10/4Bibles in Military 10/3First Natl Thanksgiving 10/2Armenian Massacres 10/1John Peter Muhlenberg 9/30Great Awakening 9/29Squanto 9/28Louis Pasteur 9/27Sam Adams 9/26Daniel Boone 9/25George Mason 9/24John Marshall 9/23John Paul Jones 9/22Nathan Hale 9/21James Kent on Oaths 9/20Fisher Ames 9/19Washington Farewell Address 9/18John Langdon-Constitution Ratified 9/17Constitution Day 9/16Pilgrims set sail 9/15Taft 9/14Harvard 9/13Francis Scott Key/John Randolph 9/12Thomas Cooley 9/11911 9/10Joseph Story 9/9California Missions 9/8Jerusalem destroyed 9/7Albania: Skanderbeg/Mother Teresa 9/6Assyria 9/4Fall of Rome 9/3Labor Day 9/3Great Riot of Istanbul 9/2Pearl Harbor to Calvary 9/1First Prayer in Congress 8/31Pilgrims Progress 8/30Benedict Arnold 8/29Indian Policies 8/28MLK & Booker T. 8/27Brooklyn Heights Battle 8/26Women Vote 8/25Astronomer Herschel 8/24Gutenburg-Printing Press 8/23Lake Erie Battle 8/22FDR-Christian Religion 8/21Justice Wilson 8/20Francis Asbury 8/19Bill Clinton 8/18Judge Learned Hand 8/17Religion in Military 8/16Blackstone & Finney 8/15Napoleon impact on World 8/14V-J Day 8/13H.G. Wells 8/12God in State Constitutions 8/11Communist tactics for US 8/10Herbert Hoover 8/9Missionaries to Northwest 8/8Scandals 8/7Second Great Awakening 8/6Alfred Lord Tennyson 8/5Praying Indians-King Philips War 8/4Navy and Coast Guard 8/3Why Columbus sailed West 8/2JFK 8/1Herman Melville 7/31Columbus and Booker T 7/30Penn and Pennsylvania 7/29de Tocqueville 7/28Politics of Race 7/27Korean War Communism 7/26Ben Franklin 7/25Ulysses Grant 7/24Tennessee 7/23Roger Sherman 7/22Carl Sandburg 7/21Scopes Monkey Trial 7/20Communion on Moon 7/19Dunkirk and Churchill 7/18French and Indian War 7/17Bartolome de Las Casas 7/16Space Flight 7/15First Bible printed in US 7/14Gerald Ford 7/13Reign of Terror 7/12G.W. Carver 7/11Alexander Hamilton 7/10The Bank War 7/9Cholera 7/8Liberty Bell 7/7Hawaii 7/6Republican Party 7/5Adams-Jefferson died 7/4Independence Day 7/3Battle of Gettysburg 7/2President Garfield 7/1Spanish-American War 6/30Fort Caroline 6/29Henry Clay 6/28Corrupting Legislators 6/27Helen Keller 6/27Despotic Branch 6/26United Nations 6/25Usurpation 6/24Mountain Men 6/23Lenape Indians 6/22Who Votes 6/21Christian Nation 6/20Maryland 6/19War of 1812 6/18Fathers Day 6/17Bunker Hill 6/16Wernher von Braun 6/15Magna Carta 6/14Flag Day 6/13Lafayette 6/12Socialism 6/11Joseph Warren-Suffolk Resolves 6/10Naval Academy 6/9Pay Check Withholding 6/8Andrew Jackson 6/7Earthquake Port Royal 6/6D-Day 6/5Six Day War 6/4Battle of Midway 6/3Dutch New Amsterdam 6/2"armed Mohammedan world" 6/1Treaty of Tripoli 5/31Harvard Samuel Langdon 5/30Memorial Day 5/29JFK 5/28Noah Webster-Schools 5/27Peter Marshall 5/26John Wayne 5/25Virginia Governors 5/24Emerson 5/23Kit Carson 5/22Robert Fulton 5/21Clara Barton 5/20Armed Forces Day 5/19Spanish Armada 5/18John Paul II 5/17Charles Lindbergh 5/16John Jay 5/15Calvin Coolidge 5/14Mothers Day 5/13Virginia Company 5/12Columbus Voyages 5/11Irving Berlin 5/10New France 5/9State of Israel 5/8Harry S Truman 5/7McGulley Readers 5/6Dutch Golden Age 5/5Cinco de Mayo 5/4National Day of Prayer 5/3James McHenry 5/2J Edgar Hoover 5/1Persecution 4/30Napoleon 4/29Naval Heroes 4/28James Monroe 4/27US Grant 4/26Virginia History 4/25Senate Chaplain 4/24Library of Congress 4/23Shakespeare 4/22Trail of Tears 4/21Mark Twain 4/20David Brainerd 4/19Patriots Day 4/18William Brewster 4/17Ben Franklin 4/16Resurrection Day 4/15Income Tax 4/14Noah Webster 4/13Jefferson 4/12Leading to Civil War 4/11Apollo 13 4/10Salvation Army 4/9Robert E Lee 4/8Omar Bradley 4/7DL Moody 4/6WWI 4/5John Adams and sons 4/4Booker T. and MLK, Jr. 4/3Man Without a Country 4/2Samuel Morse 4/1Battle of Okinawa 3/31Missionaries to Hawaii 3/30Lincoln Day of Fasting 3/29John Tyler 3/28Justice David Brewer 3/27Alexis de Tocquevile 3/26Harry Hosier/Richard Allen 3/25Black Missionaries 3/24Fighting Slavery 3/23Patrick Henry 3/22Jonathan Edwards 3/21Bach 3/20Isaac Newton 3/19Battle of Lepanto 3/18Johnny Appleseed 3/17Saint Patrick 3/16Madison 3/15Reagan on Prayer 3/14Albert Einstein 3/13Susan B Anthony 3/12Girl Scouts High and Low 3/11Charles Sumner 3/10William Penn 3/9Merrimac v Monitor 3/8Oliver Wendell Holmes 3/7Boston blockaded 3/6Henry Knox 3/5Boston Massacre 3/4Presidents Warnings 3/3In God We Trust 3/2Islam led to Renaissance 3/1Articles of Confederation 2/29Leap Day 2/28Posterity 2/27Longfellow 2/26Victor Hugo 2/25John Foster Dulles 2/24Alamo 2/23Panama Canal 2/22George Washington 2/21JQA 2/20William Prescott 2/19Adoniram Judson 2/18John Bunyan 2/17Billy Sunday 2/16Jefferson v Islam pirates 2/15Slavery History and Cuba 2/14Saint Valentines Day 2/13Ivan the Terrible 2/12Lincoln and Darwin 2/11Lincoln warning 2/10Montesquieu 2/9William Henry Harrison 2/8Boy Scouts Long Journey 2/7Frederick Douglass 2/6Ronald Reagan 2/5Roger Williams 2/4Bonhoffer 2/3Four Chaplains Day 2/2Mexican History 2/1Julia Ward Howe 1/31Jacob Duche 1/30FDR 1/29Robert Frost 1/28Explorers circle Earth 1/27Jewish Immigration 1/26Douglas MacArthur 1/25James Madison 1/24Robert Boyle 1/23History of Healthcare 1/22Sanctity of Life 1/21Ten Commandments 1/20God in Inaugurals 1/19Prayer is Constitutional 1/18Daniel Webster warning 1/17Battle of Cowpens 1/16Religious Freedom Day 1/15Martin Luther King Jr 1/14Albert Schweitzer 1/13James Oglethorpe 1/12Edmund Burke 1/11French Revolution 1/10Bleeding Kansas 1/9Communism Failure 1/8Battle of New Orleans 1/7Millard Fillmore 1/612th Day of Christmas 1/5George W Carver 1/4Smallpox in the Revolution 1/3Battle of Princeton 1/2Betsy Ross 1/1Jeffersons Wall 12/31Captains Daughter 12/30India 12/29The American Crisis 12/28Armenia 12/27Johannes Kepler 12/26Battle of Trenton 12/25Christmas Day 12/24Christmas Eve 12/23Hanukkah 12/22Battle of the Bulge 12/21Amazing Grace 12/20Christmas Truce of 1914 12/19Valley Forge 12/18Hark the Herald Angels 12/17Composers and Carols 12/16Boston Tea Party 12/15Bill of Rights 12/14Washington died 12/13Christmas Carols 12/12Pennsylvania 12/11Russia 12/10Cuba 12/09Russian Jews 12/08So Help Me God 12/07Pearl Harbor 12/06St. Nicholas Traditions 12/05Hugh Williamson 12/04Pere Marquette-Founding Chicago 12/03Indian Policies 12/02Cortes Conquest of Mexico 12/01Division Prior to Civil War 11/30Mark Twain in Middle East 11/29C.S. Lewis 11/28Anti-Federalists 11/27Israel and the Middle East 11/26Western Civilization 11/25Sojourner Truth, Harriett Tubman 11/24Thanksgiving Days 11/24John Knox 11/23White House Christmas Tree 11/22J.F.Kennedy

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